Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events

Avillion Admiral Cove loves organising meetings and events. We work towards achieving excellence in each of our event. We have a series of ballrooms and a selection of outdoor venues. From ballrooms of panoramic marina views and private boardrooms to the comprehensive team building facilities and expansive greens outdoor, we are the compelling choice for meetings and team building in Port Dickson.

Kick Start Meeting Package

Kick Start meeting package is the perfect way to kick off the year. Get the entire team motivated and ready to go!

Kick Start Meeting Package starts from RM300 including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Lunch
  • Tea and coffee breaks
  • Private dinner
  • Team building activities
  • Accommodation and breakfast
  • Professional trainers


Church Retreat

Plan your next church event at any of the Avillion Hotels!

Church Retreat meeting package starts from RM400 including:
  • WiFi
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Two (2) Buffet Lunches
  • Two (2) Buffet Dinners
*Price based on triple sharing *Minimum 50 pax is required

Tough Nation Team Building

LIGHT & EASY RM 30 nett per pax
min. 30 pax ~ 2 hours
The “Light & Easy” programme is designed for beginners or groups who are looking for a more relaxed and interactive team building session. The programme consists of 5 activities from our challenging obstacle course to enhance participants’ learning curve.
5 obstacles
COMMUNICATION RM 41 nett per pax
min. 30 pax ~ 2 hours
Develop and refine communication skill among the team. With this programme, you will be able to identify where communication breakdown is, recognize solution to refine the communication process as well as develop an effective communication process for a more efficient work culture.
3 obstacles + 1 high challenge
LEADERSHIP RM 45 nett per pax
min. 30 pax ~ 2 hours
Lead the team to success by managing team members’ talent and performance. Are you an effective leader? Uncover your competencies as an adept leader who can effectively leverage the diverse skill set of team members to reach organizational goals.
5 obstacles + 1 high challenge
TEAMWORK RM 60 nett per pax
min. 30 pax ~ 2 to 2½ hours
Trust, confidence and mutual understanding are essentials to effective teamwork. Support one another efficiently toward achieving your goals and transform your team into an unbeatable force in the workplace.
5 obstacles + 2 high challenges
HIGH ACHIEVER RM 82 nett per pax
min. 30 pax ~ 2 to 2½ hours
Want to challenge your inner self? This programme consists of highly challenging and interactive activities that push the limit, boosting confidence and teamwork among participants. The programme aims to increase overall performance and efficiency level.
5 obstacles & 3 high challenges
THINK-BIG GROUP RM 53 nett per pax
min. 120 pax ~ 3 to 4 hours
A series of obstacles and adventurous activities designed for large groups. Members are encouraged to think out of the box. The subject matter to be pondered stimulates fun and creativity, at the same time enhances talent in strategizing, planning and problem solving.
4 obstacles + 1 treasure hunt + 1 recreation activity (tele-match, admiral beach game or beach scavenger hunt)
ADMIRAL QUEST RM 53 nett per pax
min. 20 pax ~ 2 to 3 hours
Navigate a raft built from bamboo or PVC pipes on the sea. It is an exhilarating activity requiring co-operation from all members. It is also a friendly match for competing teams.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us or call us for your personalised Tough Nation challenge package.