Rules & Regulations

Boaters are required to observe and comply with the following rules and regulations:-

  1. A berthing place will be allocated to you, upon your arrival at the Marina.
  2. The speed limit for all water craft within the Marina basin is 4 knots only.
  3. Pumping of bilge oil, diesel or fuel waste and waste tank within the Marina basin is strictly prohibited. Any boaters found guilty of this act will be charged for cleaning of the mess and reported to the Department of Environment where they will be charged according to the statutory provisions. Penalty of accidental or otherwise will also result in a fine of RM15,000imposedbyAdmiral Marina.
  4. All boats berthed must be kept in good order and working condition.
  5. All boats berthed must be securely tied up and berthing ropes must be in good condition.
  6. Fenders must be in use, while tied to the pontoon. No tyres are allowed.
  7. NO fishing is allowed within the marina basin.
  8. NO storage of boat equipment, jet-skis, dinghy etc. are allowed on the pontoon unless with the expressed consent of the Marina Management. Storage boxes, however, are allowed but based under strict guidelines set. These guidelines are available from the Marina Office or at the Marina’s notice board.
  9. NO cooking is allowed on the pontoon.
  10. Any excessive noise, music or prolonged engine testing is not permissible.
  11. Boat owners will be held responsible for their guests and crew’s action and/or inaction.
  12. All refuse is to be properly bagged and disposed off at the nearest rubbish bin.
  13. The swimming pool and other recreational facilities are for members, boat owners, and Captains only. Guests and crew cannot use this facility except F&B outlets.
  14. Running of generator is allowed only if it is non-polluting and is not a disturbance others. Please note the noise level.
  15. All boats are required to be fitted with an automatic bilge pump system.
  16. Please respect the dress code that is in force within the Club premises. Guidelines are available from the Marina Office and Marina’s notice board.
  17. The Club’s main shower and changing rooms (nearest to the swimming pool) are open 24/7 daily for boat owners and Captains’ convenience. Crew however, should use the facility at the Garden/tennis courts. Please keep them clean.
  18. In the best interests of Safety, Privacy and Security,
    1. Only boat owners, passengers and crew are allowed within the pontoon area.
    2. Guest has to be accompanied by the boat owner.
    3. Guest of crew must have the expressed consent of the boat owner in order to be allowed in the marina.
    4. Unaccompanied guests of the boat owner, wishing to access the boat will NOT be allowed unless a “Consent to Access Boat” Form has been filled or a letter of authority from boat owner (by hand or via established e-mail address) have been made by boat owner with the Club Management.
  19. Contractors engaged by the boat owner, must register at the Marina Office before entry. The “Consent to Access Boat” Form must be filled or a letter of authority from the boat owner(by hand or via established e-mail address) must be made by the boat owner at least a day prior to the contractors work date. The boat owner is deemed to be responsible for any acts carried out by any contractor(s) engaged by him. All contractor(s) acting on the boat owner’s instructions must be aware of these Rules and Regulations. Boat owners will be charged for the cleaning and removal of any mess and/or debris left by their contractors on the pontoons or Marina basin or Club facility. The Club may at its discretion collect debris disposal deposit as it deems fit.
  20. No deck sanding, spray painting or any other work that will pollute the berthing area is allowed to be done. If such work needs to be carried out, the boat has to move to the repair yard pontoon provided such a space is available and the prevailing charges is paid.
  21. The boat owner agrees that he is berthing the boat entirely at his own risk and acknowledges that the Club is NOT responsible for any loss, and/or damages to the boat, its contents or person(s).
  22. All boats berthed at the Marina are required to have their own insurance as providedunderRule41(2) of the Club Rules including third party coverage. The Club reserves the right to refuse berthing to boats without the appropriate insurance.
  23. The boat owner agrees that he is responsible for his passenger, guest and crew’s action or inaction and agrees to pay for any damages to the berth, neighbouring boats and or Club property arising as a result of this action or inaction.
  24. The Management reserves the right to move any boats berthed at the Marina to other berth for any reasons whatsoever as it deems fit.
  25. All transactions are on cash terms or via major credit cards. If cash terms, the Management require a full payment to be made upon check-in or refueling.

Boaters who do not observe or comply with the above Rules & Regulations will be asked to leave the Marina. The Management reserves the right to refuse berthing for any boats for any reason/s whatsoever and to change and amend these Rules & Regulations as and when they deem fit.

The Management Admiral Marina & Leisure Club