Based on the natural environment they are surrounded by, the Avillion hotels are categorized by four basic elements: Water, Wind, Earth and Fire. Each hotel provides guests with the experience of its own element, be it the calming sensation of Water, the dynamic motion of Wind, the comforting shelter of Earth or the transformative effects of Fire. Avillion Port Dickson represent Water hotel for its proximity to the sea. Avillion Admiral Cove, an integrated international marina development known for its breeze and sails, is categorized as a Wind hotel while Avillion Legacy Melaka and Avillion Cameron Highlands, situated right in the heart of the historical element, are Earth hotels.


With today’s advance technology, communication is more efficient and we respond to work and responsibilities faster - anytime and almost anywhere. Essentially, we are doing more with our time but having less to ourselves. We are passionate about bringing harmony to all guests who come to our hotels. At Avillion, we invite our guests to relax, release and rejuvenate. The environment in which our hotels are nestled in can calm one’s mind and body. Our passionate teams complement the environment to deliver just the type of holidays you need.


The service at Avillion is based on the warm Asian hospitality culture. We carry out services with a great smile and greet you sincerely from our hearts. We go beyond the limit to ensure our service standard and quality are consistent. With regular review and training, we continuously improve ourselves to serve our guests better.